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I am doing my last few sessions this week. I am glad to get some much needed time in my house with my family. Bring on the bad Christmas music and multiple days of PJs. I am also really excited about the spring and will start booking sessions in January.

Recently a friend of mine did a presentation on my photography for a design class. Insert red face and hot flashes. I pulled some of my favorite images from the last 6 months.

Now off to do all the laundry from the past 6 months.


Better Together


Your family was a breeze to work with.


You did such an AMAZING JOB with these photos and were so sweet to my daughter. We will be doing more in the future. Thank you so so much!


So sweet. They all look so much alike!! <3


We have tried lots of ways of having fun on Halloween. I think we have found our favorite. Our own little festival.



Oh my! I am so sad we missed it! But it is on for next year!!!

<3 <3 <3



Last year I went to California to be apart of workshop called GoPro by BlueLily Photography. I learned a ton about photography and met some of the most like minded people I have ever been around. Now Blue Lily hosts a reunion every year at a different spot around the US. Every time I go I know there will be tons of learning and even more laughter. The things that always surprise me are the connections I make and the growth I experience as a person. I have a ton of respect for every person that attends and I leave just full of motivation. I also leave feeling like I have made true friends from all over that I could hang out with at a moments notice. I pretty much love em’. I really just leave in awe of brilliant, kind, talented human beings.


A fun shoot with the Blue Lily kids.
On the board walk. My fabulous people.

A fun 60’s inspired beach shoot.

A little family film. Music: Chris Isaak – Think of Tomorrow

Your work is amazing. You are such an inspiration. You rocked everything about every single shot you took. Great seeing you!! xoxo


Mendy I could photograph you all day, for real. I could just follow you around…too bad that would be creepy and weird.


Kels you would rock a swim hat. BTW right before the family walked in for the session I was talking about my love for old ladies in swim hats and I had no idea about the theme for the session. Dreams do come true :)

I’d settle for just the talent in your pinky finger. SPECTACULAR!


Love it!! Totally gotta get a swim hat now.

Kim Allen

that last comment was from me, btw. so many kims.


Misty!!! You totally rocked this session! I am in love with every single shot! You seriously have mad skills. I’m so sad I had to miss the reunion and I REALLY hope W&T do another one next year. Love you.


PART I OF MY NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY PHOTOGRAPHY REUNION FUN!   (Come back tomorrow for a look into the reunion. A 60’s styled beach shoot + film and lots of fun! )

  • Lovely food
  • Style like I have never seen (so unforced feeling)
  • Culture
  • 8 miles of walking (next time wear better shoes)
  • I love the weirdos
  • Pizza
  • Brooklyn bridge
  • Art
  • People People People everywhere
  • A real city rat
  • The best croissant I have ever tasted

I’m not sure how I missed these before, but great shots. And I had no idea you took a pic of me while I was trying to get you guys. Sneaky! I love Summer’s blue eyes! and the orange chain, and the memory of that chocolate croissant….


Thanks Kim! Love you!


Kim Allen we missed you! And thank you. I am pulling for a Texas reunion next year :)


Awesome! I love the whole feeling of it all! Looks like you girlies had a blast. New York loves YOU!


Summer you were the best! Can’t wait to bring Wes and maybe we can all go out together :)


You really captured the city! So happy you went and had fun! Can’t wait to see more!


Love these! It was so much fun showing you around the city. Come back soon!! xox

C L I C K   H E R E