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  • Can you believe these cute little faces just had 4 fights in about 2 minutes? I think the indoors are starting to drive us a little crazy.
  •  They are obsessed with covetting things. Trying to figure out how to loosen their grips. Any advice?
  •  On another note, we are passing out cute little Valentines to family and friends today.
  •  Wes is playing with his friend Nate Rodriguez at Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton for Valentines. 2 of my favorite musicians on V-day. Perfect!! Please come hang out if you don’t have plans.
  •  Painting party on Saturday with family
  • And a engagement session with a  beautiful couple on Sunday
  • Hope you have a happy Tuesday.



I wish I could come see them play this weekend! Make them play a show the next time I’m in town. Please and thank you. xo


Same story over here! They are like little puppies, all cute and cuddly one minute, then tackling and biting each other the next!

LOVE you guys! Have a fabulous weekend!



It is almost freezing outside, so we shut down Texas. I am always OK with the dramatic antics of cold weather. Today we are all bundled in and the kids have watched an inappropriate amount of movies. The hubby is home and finally I (after 6 months) am sitting down to create my nephews little birth film. Here are a few stills from the day. I can’t wait to share the film.


These pics are so moving! Can’t wait to see the film! :)

These are stunning! Love them all. xo


I’m finally back from a long break. It feels good to be refreshed. I have lots of sessions on the books that I will share soon. Here is what we have been up to in about a minute video.

blog 2 months from Winter Wheat Photography on Vimeo.

The crazy shaky face pictures are courtesy of Taylor K Photography from California. My most favorite person.

I thought I said no posting pictures of me!

Just kidding. Sort of.

Love the video.

And you are MY most favorite person.

Don’t forget it.



Your family cup is filled! And you fill our cup every time we come see you guys! With good coffee and lots of joy and love!

Love this Perryman Family!!

C L I C K   H E R E